The Osmonds final tour – and 40 years before, Pt.3.

In August 1974, The Osmonds were back in London, hosting a special edition of Top of the Pops, closely followed by a week of live TV shows, broadcast from the old Shepherd’s Bush Empire, at that time owned by the BBC as a live studio. I remember little about the week – I probably had other things to do! – other than that it was a huge success and that it was the TV debut of another family act, the Nolan Sisters.

I had the ‘clever’ idea for a photo of dressing up our regular security team as city gents and posing them with the boys on the roof of the Empire. And here’s the shot -not sure whether it has ever been published before.

The boys need no captioning, but I’, ashamed to admit I need help with the heavy mob! They were all absolutely lovely guys and Polydor used some or all of them all the time when security was needed. Fat Fred is the one in the middle and to his right is Phil Jay, who sadly died some years later. One was Jim and one was Paddy the Plank. The boss man is third from the left and I really should remember his name.

Can anyone help?

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2 Responses to The Osmonds final tour – and 40 years before, Pt.3.

  1. dhvinyl says:

    Don Murfet was the guy third from left, who ran the security company. Thanks to Maureen Street (as was) who ran the fan club – which at its peak had I believe over 100,000 members!


    • Gregg Murfet says:

      From left to right: Jimmy Callahan, Paddy Callahan, Don, unknown, Fat Fred, unknown, Patsy Collins & Barry Murfet


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