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NOW That’s What I Call a Success Story

Today’s news (Telegraph Business Section) that Sony is likely to buy the EMI share of the NOW series, a sale forced upon Universal by EC idiots, but one of the few that make sense, as Universal were the other 50% … Continue reading

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UMG sells Parlophone to Warner Brothers – some clarity needed!

The British press are getting very confused about this sale, forced on Universal by EEC busybodies as the condition of agreeing their purchase of EMI. Every story I’ve read is accompanied by a photo of either Coldplay or Kylie Minogue, … Continue reading

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Esther & Abi Ofarim and Henri Henroid

You’re more likely to have heard of the Ofarims than Henri, but I am reminded of both, having just become Facebook friend with a wonderful lady publicist from the 1960’s, whom I barely knew really, but with whom I spent … Continue reading

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When the Charts were King

Embarking on some modest annual early Spring cleaning, I hit upon this, and many more like it. Look at the care with which I have preserved this chart from nearly 55 years ago. Why did I underline certain songs? No … Continue reading

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If ever you needed an example as to why HMV failed, and why it hadn’t failed much earlier, just read this from today’s CMU Daily:- ¬† ¬†Friday 1 February 2013, 12:18 CMU Beef Of The Week #143: Ex HMV staff … Continue reading

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