50 years ago in the Music Industry 17 – Disc & Music Echo, 1967-1972

One year after the launch of Radio 1, editor Ray Coleman in his infinite wisdom thought I was the man to assess and grade the DJ’s who were there during that first year. Here’s the piece – I’ll highlight some of my”observations” afterwards. You will notice that in August 1968, dear old Disc cost a mighty one shilling!


My summations!!

Tony Blackburn – OK now, but he’ll have to mature soon. (well, he never did and it did him no harm)

Tony Brandon – Should be allowed a bigger show and more freedom. (I have no memory of what show he did!)

Dave Cash – Making the best of a very bad job.  (My previous comment section was “Appeal” which explains..Many fans must be heartbroken at the rubbish he’s now landed with, housewives who are not enamoured with “Woman’s Hour” or “Mrs Dale’s Diary”)

Kenny Everett – As long as he can continue to get away with murder he will remain the genius.

Stuart Henry – Unless he stops addressing everyone as Mr or Miss, could soon become wearing.

John Peel – Very open to cynicism, but I believe he is genuine if a little pompous.

Mike Raven – unlikely to attract listeners through personality but excellent for the music lovers.

Emperor Rosko – what happens when we don’t want it socked to us any more? (he went home to America!)

Keith Skues – Needs a slower paced show, would be an ideal replacement for Jimmy Young.

Ed Stewart – Somehow not personal (or slow) enough for the show. (this was Junior Choice, which he went on to make his own, so 0/10 there!)

David Symonds – Tends to be over exhuberant, but one of the msot successful comperes on the station. (his producer was pretty mad too!)

Jimmy Young – Deserately needs competition.

Fifty years on, I know at least six of these guys are no longer with us. Tony Blackburn of course is still rising at crack of dawn, though only on a Saturday, Keith still has BBC radio shows in East Anglia, David Symonds lives in the Far East, and Emperor Rosko has his own fans’ Facebook page. Of Tony Brandon and Mike Raven I hope someone can enlighten us.

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2 Responses to 50 years ago in the Music Industry 17 – Disc & Music Echo, 1967-1972

  1. John Poole says:

    Mike Raven went into an acting career after he left Radio One; you may remember him from such films as “Lust for a Vampire” (or possibly not) …., passed away in 1997 aged 72 – he was already into his 40s by the time he was on R1 – I was an avid listener to his shows, first on King Radio / Radio 390, and then on Radio Luxembourg (for EMI – “Soul Supply” & Tamla Motown) before he joined R1 – the first DJ to have a specialist soul/r&b/blues show on British radio I believe. Tony Brandon later had a (not that funny as I remember) comedy show on R2 – he appears to still be with us – both have wikipedia pages


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