50 years ago in the Music Industry 12 – Disc & Music Echo, 1967-1972

The Love Affair were an unlikely hit band, but at the turn of 1967-68 they came out of nowhere to have a No. 1 hit with a song that in America had charted by Robert Knight – the Atlantic was still a big ocean then and American hits could be successfully covered here, thereby denying the originator any British glory. With my then “niche” being Tremeloes, Marmalade, Amen Corner, Herd, I guess Ray Coleman assumed these lads would fit my portfolio….credbility was never my strong point.  I remember Syd Bacon, the manager, was drummer Maurice’s father, which was the cause of some discomfort as the band’s success grew, and while Steve Ellis managed to sustain a solo career, this interview was never going to get to the nitty gritty!! Called a ’round-up’ I may have met them in the Golden Egg restuarant downstairs  – a favourite venue as they got fed! – or may just have given them these forms to fill in. Different times! (December 23 1967)


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Lifelong obsession with music, 33 years in the music business, 43 years immersed in selling old records, 20 years very happily retired!
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