50 years ago in the Music Industry 10 – Disc & Music Echo, 1967-1972

Even before journalism and 30 years in the music business I had in my small way been a huge supporter of the off shore British “pirate” radio stations largely sited in the North sea either on converted ships or wartime forts on stilts in the river estuaries. That interest became more than just as a listener when a Radio Caroline DJ, Carl Conwayconway-1.jpg

turned up at my front door just outside Maidstone, urging me to help with a ‘Save the Pirates’ petition to present to the prime minister. I jumped in with both feet, using the local and music press to drum up support, and along with others, we did hand it in at the door of No.10. That must have been the silent spur that led to me joining the Kent Messenger and subsequently almost bullying Ray Coleman at Disc to gimme a job! So here we are, fifty years later, marking that anniversary of Radio 1, and here a week or so later in 1967 is my latest round-up feature which, as you’ll gather, revealed me as a great Emperor Rosko fan (though Johnnie Walker, who was still on the ship, was my real hero, along with Carboard Shoes Keith Skues) 50 years!!


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Lifelong obsession with music, 33 years in the music business, 40 years immersed in selling old records, 18 years retired!
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