50 years ago in the Music Industry 2 – Disc & Music Echo, 1967-1972

I was at the EMI archive this morning and there on show was the 50th anniversary “Sgt. Pepper” package, frustratingly sealed but looking very tempting. Is it the most import record ever made? You can answer that in the comments section below! But while many were wondering at the music, your fresh-faced Fleet Street virgin was given the mission  – “Find Sgt Pepper”. Here is my extensive research on the subject with my findings.

N.B. Maybe mercifully, these forays into the past will be influenced by my ability to scan them. Rightly or wrongly I had my five years tenure at 161-166 Fleet Street bound into several volumes, with the result that the scanner has trouble with the bits near the spine. Happily, this is pretty legible.

Disc June 10, 1967.jpeg

Though actually it’s probably too small to read?

About dhvinyl

Lifelong obsession with music, 33 years in the music business, 43 years immersed in selling old records, 20 years very happily retired!
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