A Personal History of the British Record Business – Pt.1

It’s January 1 so once again I strive to revive these blogs, and here’s the plan going forward, only being interrupted when an irresistible urge to sidetrack comes along.

Sixteen years ago when I retired from EMI, I made the rash announcement that I would write a book about the British Music Industry. For the first two years I rushed about interviewing over 80 past and current figures and for the next 14 have been parrying all the questions “Where’s the, when’s the book”? To which the honest answer is…backburned thanks to all the other much more enticing elements of “retirement”. Add to that the reality that I embarked on a project that would have been impossible to end – it would be a book out of date almost before it was printed – and here I am in my 70’s.

So, while the happiness of a self-controlled life swept me long, I occasionally pondered the fate of the time and words all these good people had given me and what to do with them. Carry on with a book that had a finite end? (possible) Give in to a few people anxious to take interviews and use them themselves? (never) Abandon it all completely? Or, do what Joe Smith and others have done, simply concentrate on the interviews, all carefully transcribed by my loving wife and share their personal histories with you.

That’s my chosen option. I’ll start with those interviewees no longer here to change their minds…well I’ll start with the first one and we’ll see how it goes. It I get encouraging noises I’ll continue. If I don’t I may still continue, if only to get the words in print – the computer onto which they were typed is long gone. Or I may not!!

So…after this introduction, you may find the first chapter appearing very quickly. After all, it is January 1st!!

About dhvinyl

Lifelong obsession with music, 33 years in the music business, 40 years immersed in selling old records, 18 years retired!
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One Response to A Personal History of the British Record Business – Pt.1

  1. Looking forward to reading it.


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