Vinyl Memories – the Cub Reporter and the PR men!

A recent Facebook photo of the late and unique music PR man Tony Brainsby prompted a load of comments and memories from old music journalist friends and colleagues, and has also prompted me to dig out this rare (well, I bet no one else has a copy!) document from May 1967. I was at Disc and Music Echo at the time, having only just joined, and among the diversions with which to while away the hours between coffee and lunch, was to create a weekly Top Ten of publicists and their attempts to persuade us to interview their artists.

Here it is – and I’m going to need help identifying some of them!

No.1 is, I think, Richard Green before or after he worked on Record Mirror. WF is Bob Farmer, our token gay staffer.

No.2 was also manager of The Hollies and also known as “Old Thing”

No.5. – help please!

No.8. I think this was Brian Somerville, to whom I had earlier applied for a job in his PR form, to be totally flummoxed by one of the questions on his application form…”what is your bread line?” I had no idea what he meant, but it sounded ominous. On the other hand it might have been Keith Goodwin.

No.9. The new Disc reporter will have been me!

PR Top Ten (1)


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