Goodbye Bill Tarmey

Six months and no blogging….I am fickle and blown by the wind, but a little ironic that, months before the Savile revelations, the last posting was about Top of the Pops and Lime Grove.

Today I am moved to write about the tiny fraction of Bill Tarmey’s life where his and my paths crossed. I have been a fan of Coronation Street since forever (well not actually forever but a long long time) and after the demise of Stan and Hilda Ogden, the Duckworth’s, Jack and Vera, were my favourite characters. In 1993, when ‘This is

Your Life’ still attracted huge audiences, Bill was the chosen subject, and as a finale he sang “Wind Beneath my Wings” to his wife. I was working at EMI at the time, one of my multitude of responsibilities being to keep a look out for recording opportunities for the older audience. Bill was probably my greatest (if only) success. I was on the phone immediate the following morning, and, to cut a long story short, with producer Derek Wadsworth, Bill made a cracking album, which we advertised on TV and which went on to sell over, well over, 100,000 copies. Two more albums followed, which probably ate up all the profits from the first one, but throughout, Bill was the perfect gentleman. With my dear pal Barry (on the right of Bill) were went to his house outside Manchester to talk about songs. It was an unassuming place, but with a full Corrie-style bar and indoor swimming pool. Bill did what he had to do, one of which duties was to attend the EMI annual sales conference. As well as Barry and me you have Jane Chalmers (as was), Bill’s marketing manager at EMI and the unique EMI UK president Rupert Perry.

Farewell Bill…it was good, if only for a brief part of your life, to have known you. And I got a Gold Disc too!!

With me, Jane Chalmers, Barry McCann and Rupert Perry at an EMI conference

Enjoying the reflected glory of Bill Tarmey’s talent

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