The Osmonds 40 years on – the finale?!

Another long gap between postings – I shall never learn the art of self discipline or motivation…or maybe it’s just that life is still so busy.

Anyway, finally caught up with The Osmonds’ “Up Close and Personal – final UK tour” at Woking last evening. Thanks to promotor Mel Bush who claimed to remember me from all those years ago,I also got 30 minutes with Jay and Merrill  and more briefly with Jimmy who’s now in charge of everything, in the cramped No.1. dressing room at the New Victoria. We’ve all aged a bit since the glory days of the early 1970’s, but they were just as charming, interested (or gave that impression) as ever, and we shared a few memories of the tours from the hit days, as well as some photos I’ve kept as a reminder of probably the most exciting years of my professional life – the jump from down line journalist on a music paper to having the nation’s press at my beck and call thanks to seven youngsters from Utah remains unprecedented.

I had no high expectations of the show – and the short set by the backing band reinforced this – but we came away mightily impressed by both the Brothers and the audience. Woking is a big theatre and it was crammed with 95% ladies of a certain age (well, they had to be at least 45-50 to have remembered them first time around) who, although a few octaves lower, made one heck of a noise! The sound was great, the harmonies, augmented by the backing band, were superb and the show covered all the hits we’d come to hear, plus some tracks from what actually is a very fine new album. With Alan now retired due to MS, and Wayne also retired following numerous health problems, the latest being a heart attack shortly before the tour, this does look like a finale. Donny & Marie have found a new home in Vegas and the next generation – and there are plenty of them – seems to have been properly advised by their parents against the vagaries of showbiz.


Oh, and of course there was a photo

Jay, an old fella, Jimmy, Merrill

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One Response to The Osmonds 40 years on – the finale?!

  1. John Halsall says:

    Excellent – I did publicity for their first tour as ‘assistant’ to Bob Levinson who handled them in the States but had no idea how to deal with UK Press. Remember being besieged by fans in the Churchill Hotel with some 15 year old fans risking life and limb to climb up walls and drainpipes to try and get at them – one or two nearly succeeded in getting into their area but wouldn’t have been able to do much because these guys really were squeaky clean – even when presented with semi-naked jail-bait (and, to make a point and keep the job I had to gently tut, tut, shake my head and comply!)


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