In defence of James Corden

Just listening to James Corden on “Desert Island Discs” and, quite apart from his great choice of music, his story has parallels with but happily major differences from that of Whitney Houston, who was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room yesterday.

Corden enjoyed huge popularity with ‘Gavin & Stacey’, went off the rails, thinking he could walk on water and as a result was lured into a lifestyle that did  him no favours and rapidly turned the media – in this case justifiably – against him. At this point he could have gone into major decline. Happily he had support from people he trusted – his parents and some close friends – and shook himself back together. His talent as an actor long precursed ‘G&S’ with his work on “The History Boys” and “Fat Friends” and now he has the world at his feet with “One Man Two Guvners”, shortly heading for Broadway. He also has a young baby and a partner to keep him on the straight and narrow.

What did Whitney Houston have? She had a strong family – Cissy and Thelma Houston among them – and I would like to think Clive Davis did his best too, but whoever it was who led her astray (and we must name no names) for almost 20 years ending in whatever desperation led to a lonely death in a hotel bedroom, ought really to face murder charges. Show  business is littered with sycophants and folk with evil intent to part the show business famous from their money and their dignity. Whitney failed, James Corden looks to have won.

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Lifelong obsession with music, 33 years in the music business, 40 years immersed in selling old records, 18 years retired!
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