Shit man!

A record buying friend in America has hit upon a bunch of copies of ‘Disc and Music Echo’ back in the day when I worked there, and asked why I had the joyful task of interviewing a Tremeloe-a-week.

Dunno how it started, other than Disc’s ‘policy’ was to interview every other week anyone whose record was going up the charts (and abandon them when it started to fall!), and in 1967 The Tremeloes were never off Top of the Pops, vying with Dave Dee, Beaky and the others for pop weekly space. Maybe because he was gay and so were their managers, my colleague Bob Farmer got DD etc, but because Peter “shit man” Walsh, manager of Tremeloes, Marmalade, Christie, Love Affair, Tim Rose and others, was also chairman of Slough football club and severely moustachiod macho, I got the Trems. Went to Alan Blakley’s wedding (and donkey’s years later was mortified to find he’d died without me, or anyone else seemingly ever knowing). The rest are still going, notably Chip Hawkes, who, now that his son’s career seems to have finally stalled, is back on the 60’s tour road presumably doing “Silence is Golden”. I wrote a few notes for one of their LP’s, spent forever at Starlight Artists’ offices dreaming up things to write apart and being frustrated that many of the best stories and some of the events witnessed in their dressing rooms (if the Walthamstow Granada building still exists, there is a drain pipe that leads straight up to the dressing room which girls of a certain age found pretty easy to climb) could never be published – well, certainly not in “Disc and Music Echo”!

Happy days. How come I can remember the 60’s, which no one is supposed to, but have no clue what I did yesterday??

Oh, why was Peter Walsh called ‘shit man’? Simply because that was his favourite phrase!

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Lifelong obsession with music, 33 years in the music business, 40 years immersed in selling old records, 18 years retired!
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